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Festival de Tapas (5 tapas)11.95€
Mixed Vegetable Grill9.90€
Prawns in Garlic Oil11.50€
Seas Fritter12,75€
Squids, Prawns, Baby Squids
Fried Squids10.25€
Baby Squids10.25€
Fried small green peppers8.50€
Mushrooms with Garlic7.10€
Nachos with Cheese, Bolognese Sauce and Guacamole Sauce8.25€
Goulash Soup5.95€
Calf Meat / Onion / Bonnet Pepper
Fish Soup8.25€
Chicken Soup5.95€
Tomato Cream Soup5.50€

Pa amb Oli

Pa amb Oli “Mixto”11.25€
Majorcan Bread, Tomato, Olive Oil, Cheese, Serrano Ham, Olives
Pa amb Oli “Serrano”11.25€
Majorcan Bread, Tomato, Olive Oil, Serrano Ham, Olives


“Avocado” Salad10.95€
Salad / Avocado / Prawns / Cocktail Sauce
Home Made Salad9.25€
Salad / Tomato / Tuna Fish / Eggs / Corn / Serrano Ham / Vinaigrette
Chicken Salad10.75€
Salad / Tomato / Chicken / Avocado / Sesame / Honey Mustard sauce / Basil Oil
“Tropical” Salad9.75€
Salad / Fruits / Prawns / Cocktail Sauce
“Caesar Salad”9.75€
Salad / Tomato / Corn / Chicken / Parmesan / Cesar Sauce
“Trampó” Mallorca Style7.95€
Tomato / Onion / Green Pepper / Tuna Fish / Vinagraite
“Mediterránea Salad”9.25€
Pasta / Ham / Tuna Fish / Eggs / Green And Red Pepper / Gherkin / Black Olives / Vinagraite
Goat Cheese Salad9.75€
Salad, Tomato / Caramelized Goat Cheese / Nuts / Cucumber / Vinaigrette
“Greek Salad”9.75€
Tomato / Cucumber / Feta Cheese / Green Pepper / Onion / Black Olives / Oregano
Mixed Salad6.35€
Tuna Fish Salad7.35€
“Caprese” Salad7.75€
Tomato / Mozzarella Cheese / Basil

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