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Breaded Pork Escalope “Napolitana”9.55€
With Tomato sauce and Gratinated Cheese
Grilled Sirloin Steak16.95€
Sirloin Steak with Grilled Onions17.95€
Fillet Steak19.75€
Grilled breast of Chicken9.15€
Breaded Pork Escalope “Milanese”8.15€
Breaded Pork Escalope “Massilia”9.55€
Eggs, Grilled Onions
Cordon Bleu9.15€
Pork Sirloin with Eggs, Chips and Salad8.15€
Pork Sirloin with Mushrooms and Chips8.15€
Fillet of Pork Medallions13.15€
Hamburger “Massilia”9.25€
200 gr. Beef, Chedar Cheese, Fried Egg, Grilled Onion, Salad, Tomato, Chips
Hamburger “BBQ”8.95€
200 gr. Beef, Chedar Cheese, Bacon, Onion, Salad, Tomato, Chips and Barbecue Sauce
Pepper Sauce2.25€
Roquefort-Cheese Sauce2.25€
Mushroom and Bacon sauce2.25€
Garlic Mayonnaise
Pizza Bread3.95€
Garnish Salad2.95€


Mixed Fish Grill19.75€
Swordfish / Squid / Salmon / Prawns / Mussels
Mussels “Mallorca Style”9.45€
Tomato / Fried Onions / Garlic / Wine
Mussels Marinière9.45€
Butter / Fried Onions / Garlic / Wine
Clam “Mallorca Style”12.60€
Grilled Prawns15.25€
Grilled Squids13.75€
Sole “Meunière” (Butter sauce)14.25€
Grilled Sole with Garlic14.25€
Grilled Swordfish11.35€
Cod Majorcan Style13.55€
Grilled Salmon Filet11.95€
Grilled Sardines with Garlic8.15€


“Mixed” Paella11.55€
Meat / Fish (Price for Person, min. 2 persons)
“Seafood” Paella13.55€
Price for Person, min. 2 persons
“Blind Paella”11.75€
Meat and Peeled Seafood (Price for Person, min. 2 persons)
Vegetable Paella10.75€
Price for Person, min. 2 persons

Prices include VAT

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